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SURNAME SATURDAY–COOPER–Have I really gone back 3 more generations?

COOPER_Jacob_Estate file_cover page_enh
COOPER_James A_obit from Mar 1907_Eaton Co Michigan

Last week I wrote about one of my brick walls on Mystery Monday – Who’s Your Daddy? – Lany Cooper Thorp 1815-1866.

I often share my blog posts on different groups as they apply to the ancestors and locations I am writing about. In this case it was the New York Genealogy Network group.  This group has been helpful in the past and this time was no different.   A comment was made and the member told me she would be going to the Cayuga Historian’s office in the next week or so.  She sent me a private message and was kind enough to offer to look for records for me.  Not only did she step up to help, but another member posted an obituary relating to this family. 

About a week later I received an email from the generous member who went to the Cayuga Historian’s office.  She had located a probate record for Jacob Cooper naming Polly Byrne as his wife and several children, including a daughter Lana.  I was SO excited to receive this information.  This gave me further evidence that Lany Cooper’s parents were Jacob Cooper and Polly Byrne, as stated on her death certificate.  Now to find more information on this family.

I spent yesterday looking online and was rewarded with historical records, newspaper articles and family trees that led to more records.  That’s all any of us can ask as we research our families.

Last evening while I was using my iPad and watching TV, I located many newspaper references to this Cooper family on Genealogy Bank, and I plan to pursue those articles this morning.

I just had to share this genealogy moment with all of you.
This is what I’ve discovered and will be verifying in the next several days.  Obadiah Cooper and Cornelia Gardenier are probably my 7th great grandparents.  Prior to this I had only gone as far as my 4th great grandparents, Jacob Cooper and Polly Byrne, and they had not been confirmed.
Cooper descendants-2_Page_1_annotated
NOTE: I was able to locate the probate records that had been sent to me, on Family Search.  I have since found other records on the site for this family.  This just tells me that I should concentrate on one line at a time, more often than I do.  I admit to being very easily distracted and have shared this with you before.

If you think you may be related to anyone mentioned in this post, please contact me.  I'd love hear from you.
I hope you all have a very successful Labor Day weekend looking for your own ancestors.


Happy hunting,
Michigan Girl

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