Friday, September 25, 2015

FRIDAY FINDS–Death certificates for my husband’s grandparents

FINK_Henry & Freada_2-13-1944_enhanced
Henry & Freada Fink in the early 1950's

I have been going through my own “Do Over” and trying to make sure I have as many vital records as possible for each person in my tree.  No easy task to be sure.  But, slow and steady is the key and a little work each day will get the job done.

I was working on my husband’s side of the family and noticed that I didn’t have death certificates for his grandparents.  They both died right here in San Diego, where I live.  Several cousins also live here in the area.  Maybe one of them have the death certificates?

NOTE:  Sometimes it is the family closest to us for whom we don’t have complete records.  Like my siblings marriage records (still need to obtain those), these death records for Ron’s grandparents etc.  How about our own birth certificate or school records?  Have you recorded and scanned those?

I did contact the cousin who has provided me with all of the records I have for Ron’s family and she directed me to her daughter.  I made the request yesterday and this morning there they were, in my email.

girl with red top jumping for joy

Genie happy dance for sure.  Now I have a cause of death, more evidence of parent’s names etc.

Now instead of a blank space under “death cause” on my family view in Legacy, I have this:

Fink_henry & freada

Another find today was a probate record for Ron’s great grandfather.  More on that in another post.

Suffice to say, it’s been a great morning here in the genealogy cave.



MICHIGAN DEATH RECORDS ONLINE - Where can you find them?

Happy hunting,
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