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FINK_Henry & Freada_2-13-1944_edited
Henry A. Fink & his wife Freada Doller Fink - early 1950's



The name Fink comes from my husband’s side of the family.  His mother’s maiden name was Fink.  I’ve been fortunate to have known many of the Fink family members during our marriage.  We’ve lost quite a few of them in recent years, but their memory lives on in children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews.

This has been a difficult family to trace.  A cousin (whom we recently lost) was also doing family research and had difficulty tracking down early Fink records.  I was able to interview my husband’s Aunt, Delphine Irene “Honey” Fink Long (1919-2011) and she did provide me with some information.   Here is what I know up to this point. 
George August Fink was born about 1863, possibly in New York, died between 1892 and 1900.  Married Barbara Ludwig 16 Nov 1892 in Buffalo, Erie, New York.  Barbara was born 13 Jan 1863 in Germany and died 5 Jul 1935 in Buffalo, Erie, New York.  George and Barbara had one child, their son, Henry August Fink, born 14 Jan 1893 in Buffalo, Erie, New York, died 17 Jan 1954 in San Diego, San Diego County, California.  Henry married Freada Emma Doller on 8 Oct 1911 in Fort Erie, Welland, Ontario, Canada.  Freada was born 24 Aug 1895 in Buffao, Erie, New York and died 1 Mar 1981 in San Diego, San Diego County, California.

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FINK_Henry August_birth record_14 Jan 1954_BuffaloErieNew York
Birth record for baby Fink, later named Henry August Fink
DOLLER_Meta Freada_birth record_24 Aug 1895_BuffaloErieNew York_enhanced & made darker
Birth record for Meta Freda Doller (later known as Freada Emma Meta Doller Fink)
Marriage record for Henry Fink & Freada Doller 8 Oct 1911 in Fort Erie, Welland, Ontario, Canada
Henry & Freada grew up in Buffalo, New York.  In 1935 they moved their family (which included their four children), to San Diego, California.

Here is Freada as a young girl & with her grandson, Ron.
FINK_Freada_nee Dollar-1901-6 yrs old   FINK_Freada as a young girl with bow in hair_New York   Freada & Ron-1951
Their children were:

Elwood Reynolds Fink 1912-1997, married Esther May Shurgour 1915-2003
Dorothy Beatrice Fink 1913-1993, married first Floyd O. “Ted” Brown and second Gordon Charles Hall 1917-1966.  Dorothy & Gordon are my husband’s parents.
Willard Henry A. Fink 1916-2008, married Mary Charlotte Horn 1920-2003
Delphine Irene “Honey” Fink 1919-2011, married Marion Nelson “Bud” Long 1914-2005

This is the Fink home on Shannon Drive in San Diego, California.

Henry and his sons and daughters had worked at Consolidated back in Buffalo, New York and transferred to San Diego.  They were the largest family group to work at the General Dynamics Plant in San Diego. 
Their was an article, including a group photo, of them in the San Diego Union Tribune newspaper. 

Left to right in this photo are: Floyd “Ted” Brown (husband of Dorothy Fink), unknown male, Willard Fink, Elwood “Al” Fink, Dorothy Fink, Delphine “Honey” Fink and their Dad, Henry August Fink.

FINK Family & Floyd BROWN_in photo when they all worked at General Dynamics_circa 1940s_San Diego CA

Henry & Freada Fink are buried at Mt. Hope Cemetery here in San Diego.  You can find their memorials here on FindAGrave #31820256 and #31820183.  Each of their children are linked to their memorials.

There is so much more that I want to learn about the Fink family.  I need to learn who George Fink and his wife, Barbara Ludwig’s parents were.  When did Barbara come over to the United States from Germany?  So many questions.  Maybe I’ll get some answers this spring when I make a trip to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City?

If you think you might be related, even remotely, to anyone mentioned in this blog, please contact me!

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