Tuesday, February 24, 2015

TUESDAY’S TIP–Photo repair and restoration

BRIGHT_Daisy_old faded picture_emailed from Lynn Goodbody
GGrandmaThorpeGould & her sons-circa 1920
MILNE_Joseph & Irene with their mother_circa 1894
We all have them.  Photographs needing restoration that have been passed down from our parents, grandparents or even further back.  In some cases we may have more current photos that need repair.

I have used a professional restoration service, a family member who has talents and myself, in order to correct/fix these photos.

For the very simple ones my own talents with Microsoft Office 2010 Photo Editor work fine.  I even use Paint and Photo Shop Elements for some repairs.

However, when it comes to the tough jobs I have to ask for help.
I used a professional service here in San Diego and was extremely happy with the results.  This is an owner operated business called Hartworks Photo Restoration & Graphic Design.  Please click on the link to be taken to his site at www.hartworks.net

Here are examples of his work:

MILNE_Andrew C_portrait photo scanned by me from original
My great grandfather Andrew C. Milne who died in 1892
MILNE_Andrew C_5 x 7 restored portrait
MILNE_4 generations of women_BOWDEN_HUNTER_BOGGS & MILNE_original photo
A four generation photo from 1907
1907-MILNE_Florence nee BOWDEN with her mother Florence HUNTER_grandmother Susan BOGGS & daughter Dorothy MILNE_restored photo
Standing - my great grandmother Florence Hunter, my grandmother, Florence Bowden.  Sitting is my great great grandmother Susan C. Boggs and my Aunt Dorothy I. Milne
GILLESPIE_Susan_tin type pic of her age 16_scanned by me
My great grandmother Susan Gillespie in the 1870's
GILLESPIE_Susan_portrait photo_age 16_restored photo
To say I was pleased goes without saying.  These are old photos and the third is a tintype.  These are direct line ancestors and having these photographs of them is wonderful.  Being able to actually see the people in the photographs, even better.

The other person I have asked to help me with photographs is my brother, John.  He does not restore photos professionally, but he is quite good at it and he enjoys it.
Here is an example of one he did just this past week for me.  I needed to include this photograph in my recent Amanuensis Monday blog post and he really helped me out.  Thanks John!

MacNICHOL_Allan_headshot cropped from newspaper article
My grand aunt's husband, Allan E. McNichol
MacNICHOL_Allan_headshot cropped from newspaper article_fixed & cropped

Quite an improvement.

Please tell me about any of your experiences with photo restoration.
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Disclaimer:  I have no affiliation with, nor get any remuneration from Hartworks Photo Restoration & Graphic Design.  I make no claims and give no guarantee on the quality of work you may receive.  I claim no responsibility for the outcome of any services rendered by Hartworks.
Happy hunting,
A_michigan girl
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  1. Wonderful timing Diane! Last night I received a zip file with 250+ images - scanned photos front and back for a collateral line. Not all are identified but I have these people in my database and am soooo happy to have the photos and permission to use them however I want. Most are in wonderful condition but there are some tintype that could be restored. ~ Cathy

    1. Cathy,
      What a treasure. I hope you can find someone to restore those photos for you. It's certainly worthwhile. Being in possession of tintypes that are family, even collateral family, is pretty fantastic. Wish I could go back one hundred years and go to all the homes of my ancestors and get hold of those old photos, cabinet cards, tin types etc.
      Thanks for stopping by.


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