Saturday, February 4, 2023

ON THIS DAY IN OUR FAMILY ~ Who was born on February 4th?

Sometimes it’s funny how things go.  I woke up this morning thinking about writing an On This Day, blog post.

I like to occasionally pick a random day and find out who in our family was born, married or died on a particular date. 

As I was sitting at my desk I received a text message about a new family member.  A much awaited and already loved first grandbaby for both sides of this family. This is my sister-in-law’s sisters family. 

Since all are living I won’t reveal full names here.  But BIG Congratulations to Hilary & Garrett, Debbie & Dan and Denise & Mark. 

Now let’s see who else in our tree has a birthday on February 4th?

Rebecca DOWNER1738 in Sunderland, Colonial Massachusetts – distant relation – my paternal step 3rd great grandfather’s wife’s grandmother

Mary DOTEN1745 in Plymouth, Colonial Massachusetts – my paternal 5th great grandaunt

Charles WALLACE1826 in Westmoreland Co., Pennsylvania – my husband’s paternal 2nd great grandaunt’s husband

Mary LEONARD1842 in Ohio – my paternal grandaunt’s husband’s mother

Walter W. DAVY1844 in Tiverton, Devon, England – husband of my maternal 1st cousin 3 times removed

Ettie L. SMITH1867 in St. Lawrence Co., New York – my husband’s paternal 1st cousin twice removed

Mary G. HARBOLD1879 in Dillsburg, York, Pennsylvania – distant relation – my father’s first wife’s husband’s mother

Nettie M. DILLON1909 in South Point, Lawrence, Ohio - wife of my maternal 3rd cousin twice removed

Living KOVACINSKI – born in Michigan – my paternal 2nd cousin twice removed

And last but not least our newest family member – baby girl Shafer. 

I always like to post photos of those I mention, if I have them.

Left to right - Charles Wallace, Mary Leonard & Nettie Dillon

If you are related to or connected to anyone in this blog post, please get in touch.  Let’s exchange information.

Happy hunting,

Michigan Girl

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