Tuesday, February 14, 2023

ON THIS DAY ~ February 14th Birthdays in our Family Tree

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Let’s find out who, in my family tree was born on this day. 

I use Legacy Family Tree to conduct these types of searches.  You’ve seen them many times before in my blog posts.  Search>Find>Detailed search and then enter your criteria.

This time I also created a CSV file from my results.  This allowed me to manipulate them in Excel, which is easier than my usual method on paper.  I will do this going forward.

Here is our list and how they are related to me.

SMITH, Lydia Huit – 14 Feb 1665/66 – my paternal 2nd great grandaunt’s husband’s 3rd great grandmother.

BOGGS, John – 14 Feb 1763 - my maternal 1st cousin 6x removed

VAUGHT, John – 14 Feb 1792 – my maternal - 1st cousin 6x removed

LUNSFORD, Margaret – 14 Feb 1818 – my maternal - 3rd great grandaunt

GILLESPIE, John – 14 Feb 1819 – my maternal 2nd great granduncle

CORN, George – 14 Feb 1842 – my maternal half 1st cousin 4x removed

HAMPTON, Mary F – 14 Feb 1845 – wife of my maternal 1st cousin 4x removed

HUNTER, Ada Emily – 14 Feb 1865 – my maternal great grandaunt

HAKINS, Florence B. – 14 Feb 1889 – wife of my maternal 2nd cousin 2x removed

HUNT – 14 Feb 1893 – my husband’s paternal 1st cousin 2x removed

JOHNSON, Lillie May – 14 Feb 1895 – wife of my maternal 2nd cousin 3x removed

PERKINS, Marie – 14 Feb 1896 – wife of my maternal 2nd cousin 3x removed

LINDQUIST, Elmer W. – 14 Feb 1908 – father-in-law of my paternal 2nd cousin’s husband

LINDQUIST née JUHL, Reba M. – 14 Feb 1919 - mother-in-law of my paternal 2nd cousin’s husband

MUSHINSKY, Norman – living - husband of my maternal half niece

DATTOLO, Christopher – living – my maternal 2nd cousin once removed

The longest ago birthday on this list goes back 358 years.  Amazing!

If you are related to or connected to anyone in this blog post, please get in touch.  Let’s exchange information.

Happy hunting,

Michigan Girl

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