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WEDDING WEDNESDAY ~ My 5th great grandparents–Obadiah F. Cooper & Lena Albrecht–1781 in New York

Today I present the marriage record of my paternal 5th great grandparents, Obadiah F. Cooper and Lena Albrecht.   They married on 8 Jun 1781 in Albany, New York.

I located their marriage record in the U.S. Dutch Reformed Church Records in Selected States, 1639-2000.  I have found many of my ancestor’s records in this record set.

Here is the index

Name:    Lena Albrecht
Event Type:    Marriage
Gender:    Female
Spouse:    Obadia Cooper
Spouse Gender:    Male
Marriage Date:    8 Jun 1781
Marriage Place:    Albany, Albany, New York, USA

Here is the image of their marriage

Notice in the image, there is another Obadiah Cooper (5 lines down) who marries Lena Helburg.  We know that we run across people with the same names, frequently, in our research.  It's the sum total of what we find for each individual or couple, that gives us the evidence we need to conclude we have the correct person.

I have little information about Obadiah and Lena.  I do have church records indicating they had 2 daughters, both named Cornelia. I believe the first Cornelia born 22 May1786 may have died young.  The second Cornelia was born 16 Nov 1787. There was then a son born 25 Dec 1793 named Jacob.  He sadly died from exposure while intoxicated, at the age of 33.  I wrote about his death here ANCESTORS IN THE NEWS ~ Jacob Cooper found dead from exposure–Dec 1827, New York

I am connected to this couple as follows

Obadiah Cooper & Lena Albecht – 5th great grandparents

Jacob Cooper & Mary Polly Byrne/O’Brian – 4th great grandparents

Lany Cooper & Monson Thorp, Sr. – 3rd great grandparents

Horace Henry Thorp, Sr. & Catherine Dorsey – 2nd great grandparents

Mae Eve Thorp & William Vivaldo Gould – great grandparents

Harry Whipple Gould & Marie Wallace Lindsay – grandparents

Harry Norman Gould & Patricia Anne Milne – parents

If someone mentioned in this blog post is also connected to you, please get in touch.  I’d love to hear from you.

Happy hunting,

Michigan Girl

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  1. When & who was your first Cooper to come to United States? From England? How far back is your Cooper line? Mine goes back to Austin Cooper/Mary Dodson, 8th great-grandparents, of Hampshire, England, in 1620. They immigrated to Ireland in 1661. My grandfather came from Ireland in 1906. Mary Cooper

    1. Hi Mary - I don't yet have my Cooper family back across the pond. My earliest one is Obadiah Cooper born abt 1690 in Fishkill, Dutchess, NY and died 6 May 1742 in Dutchess, Albany, NY he married Cornelia Gardenier (1691-1748). They had 12 children many of whom lived to adulthood. I know there is more info out there, I just haven't found it yet.
      Thanks for asking.


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