Sunday, January 24, 2021

ON THIS DATE ~ It’s my nephew’s birthday today–he is turning 30–let’s see who else in our family tree shares January 24th as a significant event

My nephew turns 30 today.  Those years certainly flew by.  My niece and nephew have been very important to me ever since the day they were born.  In honor of Joshua’s 30th birthday, let’s see who else shares January 24th as an event date – birth, marriage or death.

I used the Legacy Search function to quickly create my list.  Search>Find>Detailed search. Then I set 3 conditions as seen in the screen shot below.  Under “how to look” it is generally better to use “contains” rather than “equal to.”  Just in case you have a typo or other error.

My list was created with the click of a mouse.  There are 23 individuals on the list.  How are they connected to me?  Let’s find out.


FAUST, Mary – 24 Jan 1890 - my husband’s 1st cousin twice removed’s wife

GOULD, Joshua – 24 Jan 1991 – my nephew to whom I’ve dedicated this post

GOULD, Nina Laura – 24 Jan 1877 - an unlinked individual added in my search for my paternal 3rd great grandparents

HANSHAW, Gary King – 24 Jan 1927 - 1st husband of my maternal 3rd cousin twice removed

HART, Henry – 24 Jan 1795 - my paternal 3rd great grandfather

LYONS, Jane Anne – 24 Jan 1926 - she is listed in my maternal grandmother’s journal and I have not yet determined if she is related to us or not

MILNE, Henry – 24 Jan 1856 -  my maternal great granduncle’s wife’s brother

ORR, Fred Calvin – 24 Jan 1867 - relationship to me unknown, part of my search for my paternal 3rd great grandparents


BOWEN, Peggy to Abram BRIGHT on 24 Jan 1833 – my maternal 1st cousin 5 times removed

CORNELIUS, Joseph Edward to Carolyn GEORGE on 24 Jan 1958 – my stepfather’s marriage to his 2nd wife

HART, Leslie G. to Johanna TAGLAUER on 24 Jan 1918 – my paternal 2nd cousin twice removed

LUNSFORD, Andrew J. to Martha E. VERMILLION on 24 Jan 1856 – my maternal 3rd great granduncle


BURRELL, Isaac Jr. – 24 Jan 1863 – relationship to me unknown, part of my search for my paternal 3rd great grandparents

DECLUTE, George – 24 Jan 1926 – paternal 1st cousin 3 times removed’s wife’s husband

GILLESPIE, Louise – 24 Jan 1950 – my maternal great grandaunt

GOULD, Martha E. – 24 Jan 1883 - relationship to me unknown, part of my search for my paternal 3rd great grandparents

HALL, Jeremiah Jr. – 24 Jan 1776 – my husband’s paternal 1st cousin 5 times removed

INGRAHAM, Elizabeth – 24 Jan 1911 – my paternal 2nd great grandaunt’s husband’s sister

McTAGGART, Angus – 24 Jan 1874 – my Dad’s first wife’s great grandfather

The earliest January 24th date is Jeremiah Hall, Jr.’s death in 1776.  The most recent is my nephew’s birthday in 1991.

I always enjoy looking at a particular date in my family tree.  Do you ever do something like this?  You could use your own birthday or someone else’s.  Or your marriage date.  There are all sorts of possibilities.

The bonus to doing this is taking a look at various individuals whom you may not recently have been researching.  In fact, in my case there were a couple for whom I had research notes from 2009 and nothing since.  It would behoove me to return to those ancestors or potential ancestors and conduct more research. 

Happy hunting,

Michigan Girl

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  1. Yes, Diane. I always try to recognize dates when I am working on my family tree and definitely find it interesting when relatives share a birthday.

    1. I suspect most of us do recognize those "in common" dates. Always interesting.
      Thanks for stopping by my friend.

  2. I've been posting anniversaries of (usually birth) dates for my ancestors onto my Google calendar, and this year am trying to post a blog covering whatever I can find out about each ancestor. I like your trick though! I haven't used Legacy search myself.

    1. Hi Barbara. That Legacy search feature is extremely useful. I’ve used it for many years for lots of different things.
      Thanks for stopping by.


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