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SUNDAY’S OBITUARY ~ Following yesterday’s post–Here are the obituaries for Stephen Wilson (1803-1871) and his wife Sarah Gillen Wilson (1808-1878)

Screen shot of the Stephen & Sarah Wilson family from my Legacy database

Yesterday I wrote about my maternal 3rd great grandaunt, Sarah Gillen.  She was married to Stephen Wilson on 24 May 1872 in Lawrence Co., Ohio.  The couple was married for 44 years, 4 months and 2 days, until his death in 1871.

Stephens’s obituary was published in the Ironton Register on 27 Sep 1871.  The text of this obituary, as well as Sarah’s were shared with me on The Lawrence Register Facebook page.  It’s an active group and many of us in the group have become friends over the past 12+ years. I encourage all of you to join and participate in Facebook groups in areas you are researching.
Text of Stephen Wilson’s obituary
Died--Wilson--Burlington, on the 26th inst. Mr. Steven Wilson, aged about 67 years. Mr. Wilson has been a resident of Burlington, in this county, for more than 34 years and was engaged in merchandising at the same spot where he died. He leaves a large circle of acquaintances, relatives and friends to mourn his departure.
Text of Sarah Gillen Wilson’s obituary
Ironton Register June 20, 1878 Mrs. Sarah Wilson, the mother of Mrs. Jona Morris and Dr. D.C. Wilson died at the residence of the former, last Saturday, in her 70th year. The remains were taken to Burlington for burial.
 Sometimes the published notice of a death contains very little information about the deceased.  These two are examples of that.  While I’m always grateful for anything that gives me confirmation that someone died, I always hope for those obituaries that contain their life story, places the deceased was born, lived and died, all family members names, where the deceased was buried and anything else that helps us in our research.

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  1. Sadly both obits short, not listing a living spouse (1871) or being a widow of XXX in 1878. - always a hit or miss on obits for info.

    1. Exactly. We always hope for more.
      Thanks for stopping by.


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