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ON THIS DAY ~ It’s Christmas Day, December 25th–Who in our family was born, married or died on this date?

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First of all I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas.  May your day be filled with family, friends, love and joy.  Here's a Christmas toast to all those who came before us.

I thought today I would highlight those in our family tree who had a significant event occur on December 25th.  Let’s take a look at the births, marriages and deaths that occurred on this date and who they are in our family.

Note:  I use Legacy to create these kinds of list.  Go to the Search tab>Find>Detailed Search and enter your criteria. I always use the option “contains” under How to Look so that I get all the hits.  If you use “Exact” you might not get them all, if something was entered differently than your “what to look for” entry.

ADAMS, Harry A. 25 Dec 1887 in Armada, Macomb, MI – Distant relation via marriage
BEAMS, George W. 25 Dec 1805 in Kentucky – 1st cousin 5x removed wife’s father
BOGGS, Anthony Bowen 25 Dec 1832 in Frankford, Greenbrier, VA – 1st cousin 4x removed
COOPER, Jacob 25 Dec 1793 in Albany, NY – 4th great grandfather
DOLLER, John 25 Dec 1859 in Dansig, Germany – my husband’s great grandfather
FLOWER, Gordon W. 25 Dec 1864 in Michigan – 1st cousin 3x removed
LINDSAY, Mary Jane 25 Dec 1888 in Detroit, Wayne, MI – 1st cousin twice removed
McNICHOL, Allan E. 25 Dec 1891 in Windsor, Essex, Ontario, Canada – husband of my grandaunt
SILER, Jesse R. 25 Dec 1830 unknown place – great granduncle’s wife’s grandfather
STATEN, Salina W. 25 Dec 1860 in Virginia – wife of 1st cousin 4x removed

BOGGS, Anthony Bowen 25 Dec 1856 in Lawrence Co., OH to Lamenda CHRISTIAN – he got married on his 24th birthday (see entry above)
CLARK, Clara E. 25 Dec 1900 in Clinton Co., OH to Charles E. LUNSFORD –  4th cousin 4x removed
FRAMPTON, John M. 25 Dec 1872 in Pittsfield, Pike, IL to Amatha WHITTAKER –  1st cousin 5x removed

GRANGER, Mary L. 25 Dec 1922 in Detroit, Wayne, MI – 1st cousin 3x removed husband’s mother
KING, William J. 25 Dec 1940 in Huntington, Cabell, WV – husband of my great grandaunt
UNDERWOOD, Elizabeth 25 Dec 1757 in Ahsford, Windham, CT – my husband’s 6th great grandfather’s second wife

Having a birth or marriage on a major holiday such as Christmas, can certainly add to the festivities and joy of the day.  However, when deaths occur it can be a sad reminder each year.  Hopefully, the memory of those who did die on this date will bring smiles to their family.

The earliest event date we have in this list is the 1757 death of Elizabeth Underwood who married Theophilus Clark 24 Feb 1718 in Reading, Colonial Massachusetts.  Elizabeth lived to be 81 years old and is buried in the Old Ashford Cemetery, Ashford, Windham, Connecticut.  You may visit her memorial here #32043125

The most recent event in the lists above is also a death.  The death of William James King.  He was born 8 Jul 1856 in Maryland and married my greataunt, Ada Emily Hunter on 26 Nov 1884 in Lawrence Co., Ohio.  They were married for 56 years prior to his death and had 6 children.
Here are photos of William James King and his wife Ada Emily Hunter.
KING_William James Copy of KING_Ada nee HUNTER_portrait photo recd from Jennifer Waits on 3 Apr 2012

That’s all for today.  I hope you all are had a joyous holiday.


Happy hunting,
Michigan Girl
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