Tuesday, June 14, 2016

TUESDAY’S TIP ~ How to Save a Book from Archive.org to Evernote or Your Computer

This is a great way to have your books with you wherever you go.  We know that Evernote will sync with all your devices, whether they are Android or PC or Mac.
Archive.org is a site I go to many times to find copies of the books that are out of copyright and available to the public.  Out of copyright, means they were published prior to 1923.

Here’s my process for downloading these books.
  • Go to Archive.org and conduct a search for the book, by title or by subject.  In this case I was looking for a copy of the Adjutant’s Report for West Virginia in 1864 or 1865.  I typed exactly that in the search box.
Archive dot org page 1

(Background)  I had located this book when conducting a search on Ancestry.com.  The entire book can be found on that website.  However, I wanted a copy for my own files, as I know there are many members of my family who served in the West Virginia military during the Civil War.

In this case I got 18 hits/results on the page and just scrolled down til I found what I needed.  I see two different books, one for 1864 and one for 1865.
Archive dot org page 2

I selected the book for 1864 and this is the next page that came up.

Archive dot org page 3

From this view you can actually page through this book a page at a time or hover over the grey area on the right hand side and select specific pages.  If you’d like to search inside this book while it’s up on the screen just use the search box in the upper right corner.

To download this book to your computer you scroll down on the page and select from the options listed.

In this case I selected the PDF option.

Archive dot org page 4

Once the download is complete I see this screen.  Note in the lower right hand side, I have an option to “Save to Evernote.”  This option shows up automatically for me.  I believe this option is offered because I have Evernote Webclipper on my browser.

Archive dot org page 5

Once I selected “Save PDF to Evernote” the webclipper brings up my options.

Archive dot org page 6 

I changed the “Inbox” to my folder for “Places” and added several tags to the entry.

That’s all there is to it.  Now the item is available to me on all my devices, whenever I need to refer to it.
When I opened the book in Evernote and conducted a search for the surname Lunsford (my ancestor), it took me to the first entry for that name on page 118.  Then on to page 250 and so on.

You can still use Archive.org and save the item to PDF on your own computer or even save it to your Kindle.
I’d like to know if others have used Evernote in this way? 
How often do you use Archive.org


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Happy hunting,
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  1. I don't use ever note. I go to archive.org and even google books and just save it to my computer. Any place that has the books to read might have a PDF to save.

  2. Oh Diane, I really do appreciate this post. I do use Archive.org and sometimes I download the book, but I really like the idea of putting it in Evernote (duh!) I guess I always worry about running out of space with Evernote. I love your step by step instructions. Tech is not my best thing. Thank you!


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