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HAPPY FATHER’S DAY 2016 ~ The legacy of Harry Norman Gould (1912-1991)

H. Norman Gould-1933-cropped
Harry Norman Gould, age 21

My Dad – I still miss him.  He loved to tell stories.  He talked about the “old times” frequently.  I paid attention, but now realize I should have listened closer, asked more questions and taken notes.  My Dad enjoyed sports, especially football.  We used to watch together all the time. He was a good cook too.  Nobody could make fudge like him and to this day I don't eat any because it never tastes as good. 

What is the legacy my Dad left?
He wasn’t famous or rich in terms of money.  However, he did leave a legacy that carries on today.
Harry Norman Gould married twice – first on 22 Aug 1936 to Elaine Gertrude Croft, in Detroit, Wayne, Michigan.  They had two daughters Norlaine (a unique name, combining both of their names) and Virginia.
Elaine Croft and H. Norman Gould on their wedding day, 1936

Next he married, in Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, Patricia Anne Milne on 9 Apr 1949.  They had a daughter, me, and a son.

GOULD_H Norman & wife Patricia holding new baby Diane_Mar 1950
My Mom & Dad bringing me home from the hospital

Three of the four children had children of their own.
This means my Dad left, as his legacy, the following:
  • A son and 3 daughters
  • 7 grandchildren, 3 boys and 4 girls
  • 5 great grandchildren, 3 boys and 2 girls
  • Sadly, one grandson died in a house fire, along with his two young children.  And, one grandson died at 18 of a brain tumor. That leaves one grandson to carry on the Gould name.
Here’s the post I wrote about the housefire that killed Brian and his two young children.  Funeral Card Friday – the very sad story of Brian Rankhorn and his young children
All of my father’s descendants are good students and/or citizens, who work hard.

He never got to meet two of his grandsons and one granddaughter or any of his great grandchildren.

I think my Dad would be proud of all of us.
Here’s to all the father’s on this day that we celebrate you.

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Happy hunting,
Michigan Girl

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  1. I bet your dad would be proud to know that his tradition and talent of storytelling has been continued through you.


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