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PHOTO FRIDAY ~ Can you help me identify this man?

SMITH_Clyde J_photo sent from Sue Dattolo_labeled by her_cropped& enh_edited
This is a picture shared with me by a cousin.  She found it amongst photos that her mother, Jane, has.  The only thing written on the back is “Scotland.”  Jane is my 1st cousin once removed, on the Milne side of the family.

I know it’s a bit blurry, but in trying to read the printed words on the bottom I see ___Margie? on the lower left.  On the lower right corner I’m fairly certain it says Aberdeen.  What do you think?
UPDATE - Thanks to comments by readers, I now know that the photographer's name on the lower left is J. Hardie.  I have an address of his business in Aberdeen and the years he was in business.

Note:  I am trying to get my cousin to send me a picture or scan of the back of the photograph.

Since we have lots of family on my maternal side, from Aberdeen, this would make sense.  But, who is this man?

Background on my family from Aberdeen

My great grandfather, Andrew Charles Milne was born in Aboyne, Aberdeen, Scotland on 8 Feb 1856.  He came to the United States via Canada in about 1868, with his sister Mary E. Milne.  Both of them eventually settled in Michigan.  Andrew is in Detroit by 1877 and in 1880 he marries Susan Anne Gillespie.  They have four children, 2 of whom died young.  Of the two that survived, Joseph Albert Milne and Irene Marie Milne, both married and had children.  Joseph is my grandfather.

Andrew died of Consumption at the young age of 36, on 8 Dec 1892.

Here is a picture that I had restored, of Andrew Charles Milne.

MILNE_Andrew Charles_portrait
Photo of Andrew Charles Milne - before restoration
MILNE_Andrew Charles_headshot_restored photo_circa 1880-1890
Photo of Andrew Charles Milne - after restoration

I guess my question is, could that photograph of the unidentified man be a member of Andrew’s family?  A father, brother, cousin, in-law?

If you recognize the man in the unidentified photo, please contact me.


WEDDING WEDNESDAY ~ Andrew Charles Milne & Susan Anne Gillespie – 1880

The Joys of the Scotland's People Website

Happy hunting,
Michigan Girl

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  1. Ugh! Those unknown photographs. Glad we are in the same club of trying to find out who the people are in our photos---hope someone stumbles onto your blog who can help. I always hope someone with a marked version of the same photo finds me!

    1. Michelle - Ugh! is right. We can only hope someone comes along and says "oh yeah, that's so and so." I have another picture of him too. Best of luck with your unknowns.

  2. The photographer's name on the bottom left is HARDIE. John Hardie had a photographic studio in King Street, Aberdeen, from at least 1884 to about 1898. He started off at 152 King Street, was at 148a King Street in 1890, and then moved to 158 King Street. If there's an address on the back it might help date the photo.

    1. Alison - Thank you so much! I rec'd another comment also stating that the name is Hardie. Having a correct name and also the dates of business and addresses will be extremely helpful. Can't thank you enough for taking the time to comment.

  3. Hi Diane, I think the name on the bottom left is J Hardie, who was a photographer in Aberdeen 1881-1893 at 148A King St. It was very common for the photographer to have his name on photos. So, not much help I'm afraid, but might save you a wild goose chase for a Margie :) and give you some idea of dates. Kind regards, Aud.

    1. Audrey - Thank you so much. You're the second person to give the same photographer's name and that is more confirmation. This will be very helpful in narrowing down who this man might be. The longer I blog the more reasons I have to continue. It's reader like you that make it all worthwhile.

  4. I researched a family from Angus, Scotland named Miln or E at the end. Once in North America the E was added. Just keep that in mind when searching.

    1. Thanks Deborah. As researchers we certainly find all sorts of spellings for those ancestor names, don't we? Most of my Milne's have, so far, been in the Aberdeen area of Scotland and all have the 'e' on the end. But, I will keep your suggestion in mind.
      Thank you for stopping by.

  5. The setting and pose reminds me of some photos I have from about the same period. I
    Those ancestors were also Scottish but emigrated to Canada and my line stayed there. Good luck I know how frustrating those mystery photos are.

    1. Anna - Some of my Scottish ancestors went through Canada and some stayed there too. We'll see if this mystery is ever solved. Stranger things have happened, so I don't give up hope.
      Thanks for your comment.

    2. I am related to said photographer. My grandfather's brother moved to Michigan with his wife and children in 1927. He was Frederick Hardie.

    3. Ruth,
      How interesting that your grandfather ended up where many of my Scottish ancestors did. What part of Michigan? Mine were mainly in Detroit or Armada, with a few in Port Huron and Kalamazoo and scattered elsewhere. Thanks for letting me know. I hope someone will see this and be able to identify this man. And I hope even more that he is one of my ancestors that I don't yet have a picture of.
      Thanks for stopping by.

    4. Hello Diane
      They initially lived in Detroit and then in 1930 census they are in Wayne, Michigan. They divorced soon after and Fred moved to New York.


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