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WEDDING WEDNESDAY ~ Martin & Wunderlich - Married 1745 in Germany

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Today I’d like to highlight the marriage of my 6th great grandparents, John or Johann Eberhard MARTIN and Jacobina Elizabeth WUNDERLICH.

According to the records I have located, they were married on 16 Feb 1745 in Notzingen, Tech Donau, Wurttemberg, Germany.1, 2

Here is a map of Germany with the location of Notzingen

Map of Notzingen Germany

Right now I don’t know very much about this family.  I have recorded 5 children born to this couple: Christopher, Mary, Rachel, Anna Barbara and Elizabeth.  It is Anna Barbara who is my direct ancestor.  She was born on 19 Mar 1747 in Germany and married John FRAMPTON, Jr. about 1780 in Derry Township, Pennsylvania.  The Frampton family were very prominent in Pennsylvania and later in Ohio and a lot has been written about them.

There is a record of his immigration to the United States from Germany, recorded in a book, which states he arrived on 16 Oct 1751.1


I have taxation records for Everhard/Eberhard Martin too.  He and Jacobena are listed as Pioneers in Mifflin County, Pennsylvania.

Martin image 3195
What all of this told me today, is that I have a LOT more work to do on this couple.  That is one of the big benefits of writing about our ancestors.  We suddenly determine what we do and do not know.

Sources: 1 - Raymond Martin Bell, Mifflin County, Pennsylvania Families & Records before 1800 Supplement (N.p.: n.p., n.d.), Supplement: 36. Cit. Date: 9 Jul 2012; MARTIN Everhard of Derry - wr [warrant] Jan 13-1784 - pr [probate] Feb 20-1784 (German) wife Jacobena Elizabethch: Christopher, Barbara, Mary, Elizabeth, Rachel
2 - John Martin Stroup and Raymond Martin Bell, Book - The Pioneers of Mifflin County, Pennsylvania-Who's who in the Early Records with an Account of the Growth of the County before 1790 (Lewistown, Pennsylvania: n.p., 1942). Cit. Date: 29 Jun 2010;

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