Tuesday, March 17, 2015

HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY - How Irish Are You?

I heard about my ethnicity during my growing up years.  It usually consisted of Scotch, Irish, English, Dutch, Welsh and Indian (as in Native American). 

Once I began researching my family I learned more about just who our ancestors were and where they came from.  So far, some of what I’d been told is true and some is not.

I have recently had my DNA test done through Ancestry DNA.  My brothers and my 90 year old mother have also had tests run.  Some through Ancestry and others via Family Tree DNA and 23 and Me.

With the Ancestry autosomal testing I have gotten the following results.

We all know that these tests are not 100% accurate.  They are improving the test procedures all the time, as more and more people are becoming interested.

However, between this test and the testing of my other family members, we have learned that we are primarily of Irish, Scotch and English descent. There doesn’t seem to be any Native American in our genes.  And only a smattering of Dutch/Scandinavian.

On this day that celebrates all things green and Irish, I can be proud of my Irish heritage.  But, then I’m proud of all my heritage every day.

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Happy hunting,

Irish Michigan Girl

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