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girl with purple top jumping for joyHere is your assignment

1.  Use whatever database you wish and find out how many people in your tree have the same birth month & day as you.
2.  Tell us who they are and what their relationship is to you.
3.  Tell me what you found by commenting on this post and/or sharing the link to your own blog post with the details.

Let’s find out how many people in my family (including my husband’s family), were born on my birthday, March 13.

Here is how I will conduct my search in Legacy 8.
  • Go to the tabs at the top of your screen and click on “SEARCH.”
  • On the far left lick on the magnifying glass that says “FIND” underneath it.
  • When the screen opens you will see 6 tabs across the top of the box.  Click on “DETAILED SEARCH.”
  • Now, enter the Primary Condition by using the drop down menus and then typing the date you want to look for under “WHAT TO LOOK FOR.”
  • Click on “CREATE LIST.”
Here is an image of the search screen I described above.
(click on any image to enlarge it) 

Search screen my birthday

The results for my search indicate that 8 individuals in my tree are designated as having the same birth month and day as me.

Here are the results.

NOTE:  I have redacted the year of birth for 3 people on this list who are still living, including myself.

Search screen my birthday-3_redacted

Now let’s take a look at the relationship of each of the 8 others on this list in reference to me.

CLARK, Dorcas, born 13 Mar 1706 [husband’s 5th great grand aunt]
COWEN, Elizabeth, born 13 Mar 1697 died 12 Apr 1778 [4th great grand uncle’s wife’s mother]
FENNER, Ida May, born 13 Mar 1864  died 16 Jun 1940 [great grandaunt’s husband’s sister]

HALL, Kezia born, born 13 Mar 1728  died 7 Oct 1744  [husband’s 4th great grand aunt]
PERRY, Royce Lemuel, born 13 Mar 1935  died 21 Jun 2008 [4th cousin once removed]
RAY, Boyce “Peeny”, born 13 Mar _____ (living) [4th cousin once removed]
THORNTON, Beryl Audrey, born 13 Mar 1913 [2nd cousin once removed]
WAITS, Robert King, born 13 Mar _____ (living) [2nd cousin once removed]

In summary, we have the following relationships.

2 people from my husband’s lines:
  • His 4th great grand aunt and his 5th great grand aunt
And the following people from my lines:
1 fourth great grand uncle’s wife’s mother
1 great grand aunt’s husband’s sister
2 fourth cousins, once removed

I originally learned about Saturday Night Fun from the posts on Randy Seaver’s blog Genea-Musings.  He runs a Saturday Night Fun each week.
I look forward to seeing your responses.  HAVE FUN!

Remember: If you think you might be related, even remotely, to anyone mentioned in this blog, please contact me!

Happy hunting,
Michigan Girl

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  1. My great-grandmother was born on my birthday, one hundred years before me. Thank you for the Legacy lesson, Diane, I had not used that tool before.

    1. Dara,
      You're welcome for the tip. I really use that search feature a lot.
      I think it's special when someone close shares a birthday. I have a good friend whose first grandchild was born on her birthday. They always celebrate together.
      Thanks for stopping by.


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