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 What does Amanuensis mean anyway?

To put it simply, it means a “person employed to write what another dictates or copy what has been written by another.”

As many of you know from reading previous posts on my blog, my maternal grandmother left a spiral notebook, which I call her journal.  In it she left recipes, a list of 183 family members and their birth dates and some death dates, a list of anniversaries and other various lists or things that were important to her.  It’s a treasure that I cherish. 

Today I’m going to begin by transcribing her list of names & dates from January.

Here is the page from the journal.  I haven’t “cleaned it up” like I normally would because I like the look of the tattered page.  This journal was begun when my grandmother married my grandfather in 1906, so it’s pretty darn old.  I don’t touch it anymore.  I have digitized all the pages. 

And here is my transcription of it.  I have indicated the family connection in parenthesis, even though it’s not part of the document.  I just thought you’d like to know who these people are to me.  And, for any cousins out there reading this, maybe you’ll find it helpful.


Edna Mabel Bowden Duncan Cunningham Wood Jan 1 ‘90    died 22 Feb ‘32 (my grandaunt)
George Keatley Bell  Jan 4 ‘69   died Nov 2 ‘52  (2nd husband of great grandmother)
Lottie May Thornton-Nibbelink   Jan 7 94   May 50 (1st cousin 2x removed)
Joseph Albert Milne  Jan 8 ‘83   Sept 27, 57 12:45 a.m. (my maternal grandfather)
Charlotte Milne    Jan 10 56   died Dec 24, 35 (my great grandaunt)
John Brown Duncan   Jan 16 83 (husband of my grand aunt)
William Harry Verney   Jan 16 ‘89     died Oct 9, 44  (1st cousin 2x removed)
Robert Andrew Milne     Jan 12 ‘09   Nov 17, 69  5 a.m. (my uncle)
Grace Hunter Fenner Jenkins    Jan 19 ‘74    died Sept 15, 46 (my great grandaunt)
*Jane Anne Lyons     Jan 24 ‘26
* Robert Benjamin Edison    Jan 26      died Mar 10, 27
Florence Lee Nora Bowden Milne     Jan 31 ‘88 (my grandmother and author of this journal)
* Virginia Brehmer    Jan 12 ‘11
Albert F. Pfeiffer     Jan 13  (husband of my great grandaunt)
* J. Roy Brehmer   Jan 18  ‘88    Sept 62
* James Wolford        Jan 11
* Pamela Rae Stouse   “  3  44 
Charles Lindow   Jan 1  85     Feb 10, ‘44 (husband of 1st cousin 2x removed)
* Peggy Joyce   93  10     Feb 13, 67

That’s a total of 19 names.  How cool is this list to have? 

I have placed an asterisk * next to the names I have not yet connected to our family.  Seven of the names are still waiting for me to find their connections.  I have them in my Legacy database as unlinked individuals.  In the lists from the other 11 months of the year, there are also names that aren’t yet connected.  I keep looking from time to time and link them as I identify them. 

I’ve enjoyed sharing this with you and will continue to share the items from my grandmother’s journal.  This is a great way for me to take another look at these lists and perhaps catch something I didn’t catch last time, or take a new look online for records.

UPDATE - All the posts for each month of the year can be found by clicking on this link:


Happy hunting,
Michigan Girl

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