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CORA’S SCRAPBOOK - A letter to Cora from her fiancé Thomas Hall – 30 Jan 1877

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This is the story of my journey through Cora’s scrapbook.  Cora is my husband, Ron's, paternal great grandmother. I will give a link to all posts at the beginning of each new post.  Here’s that link My posts about Cora's Scrapbook

It’s such a pleasure to find letters written by our ancestors.  Not only do we get to see their handwriting, but we also get a glance into their feelings, perspective and life.

Today I’m sharing a letter written to Cora E. Brown from her soon to be husband, Thomas C. Hall.  The letter is dated 30 Jan 1877 and we know they were married just 6 days later, on 5 Feb 1877. 

I have transcribed the letter and share that here with you.  I don’t absolutely know what the word “Poksie” at the top of the first page means.  Since the couple were in New York, could it have meant Poughkeepsie?

A search on Google maps reveals Poughkeepsie to be 116 miles south of Saratoga Springs, New York, where the couple were married. 

Thomas’ occupation on many of the records I have is Baggage Handler or Baggage Agent for a railroad company.  I expect that job took him away from home on a regular basis.

If you’d like to read about Thomas & Cora’s marriage click here CORA’S SCRAPBOOK–Her wedding cake & marriage to Thomas C. Hall–1877, New York.

Thomas shares some very strong feelings for Cora in his words. At the end of the letter, he bids farewell to her (as a correspondent), knowing they will soon be living together as man and wife.

Without further ramblings from me, here is Thomas’ sweet letter to Cora.


Jany 30th 77

My own,

 Your dear and most welcome letter reached me yesterday morning, and again one today.  Now I am satisfied, but I was not when the postman came around Monday morn and left no letter for me.  I was exceeding worried, but it seems he knew I was expecting a letter and retained it for a while for the purpose of teasing me.  You may just bet your last sixpence I was pleased to get it and to receive the assurance I was soon to get another added feast to my enjoyment.

Oh my poor patient long suffering darling.  I can scarcely realize you are so soon to be mine. 

This in all probability is my last letter to Cora Brown and I would again assure you of the depth and devotion of my love for you.

It seems impossible for one to love more, and I would have you to fully realize and understand that my whole life shall be devoted to the pleasant task of adding to your happiness.

I find it will be impossible for me to come on the early train Sat night but if I were you I would not wait for me.  You had better go to bed, don’t you think so?  I will get white gloves and wear white neck tie – I like you wish the affair was over but it will soon be, and then you may love and be gay to your hearts content, and to love and obey I think is your intent.

When I woke this morning my first thought was only one week from today and then I shall have the task of rousing Cora from her slumbers by my side and I was happy in the thought.    

And now as a correspondent of Miss Cora Brown I would say farewell farewell forever.

Remember me with love to all

Your own affect

(almost husband)


Do you have letters to or from any of your ancestors?  If so, I’d love to hear about them. 


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