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FRIDAY FINDS ~ The will of James Redding (abt 1755-1815)

In some recent connections made via Family Search and Rootstech, I am looking at some of my more distant lines.

Today, it’s my maternal 6th great grandparents – James REDDING and Mary Ann POAGE.

It seems both of them left wills.  Those records list their daughters’ names, both given and married surnames.  This is extremely helpful when searching for our female ancestors.

Here is James’ probate/will record.  From Virginia, U.S. Wills and Probate Records, 1652-1900

James Redding probate record - 1815 Virginia

Here is my transcription of the record. 

I James Redding of the county of Bath and state of Virginia, do will and bequeath my real and personal estates in this _____and form following after my funeral expenses and just debts and ____

I will and bequeath to my wife Mary Ann Redding all my goods and _____all which she shall dispose of in her lifetime as she may think proper. I likewise bequeath to her all my notes and bonds and ___of these notes and bonds as ___as they are collected she4 shall pay to my daughter Elizabeth Hudson Ten Dollars likewise to my daughter Sally Dennison, ten dollars, likewise to my daughter Mary Ann May ten Dollars, likewise to my daughter Eleanor Dennison ten Dollars, and likewise to my daughter Hannah May ten Dollars. I likewise bequeath to my wife all the ready money that is in my possession at the time of my decease . I will and bequeath to my son in law John May all my lands to him and his heirs forever.  I do _____ and appoint Joseph Wooddell Senior and William Warwick to be executors of this my last will and Testament. Signed sealed and published this fourth day of November one thousand eight hundred and fifteen.

James Redding's name and his mark

In presence of

Daniel Kerr

Wm McRenny

Robert Kerr

Bath County December court 1815

This will and testament of James Redding was presented in court by the executors therein named and _____by the Bath ____ heir and William McReney and _____to be recorded

As difficult as it may be to ascertain some of the words in an old probate record, it often gives us plenty of information.  We can identify family members, witnesses and perhaps get an idea of the year of death.  Although many wills are not probated until years later.

In this case, I already had the names of James’ five daughters.  I also had what I believed to be the names of their husbands.  Having them listed in this record confirms the married names for me.

The next question is whether I can take this line back one more generation?  Can I locate and confirm the parents of either James Redding or his wife Mary Ann Poage?

If you are related to or connected to anyone in this blog post, please get in touch.  Let’s exchange information.

Happy hunting,

Michigan Girl

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