Monday, July 6, 2020

MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY ~ One thing leads to another–my husband’s FISHER line–his 8th great grandparents….and wait! Also a link to the MORSE line?

This is not the first time that I've discovered who someone's parents were in a round about way.  It's always a fun journey.  Here's how it happened this time.

While I was working on my post for Jeremiah Hall, Jr. who died in the Revolutionary War at the tender age of 16 – you can read that post here REVOLUTIONARY WAR SOLDIER JEREMIAH HALL, JR. - Killed in Action when he was 16 yrs. old,  I began looking at the FISHER line that is connected to the HALL line.  In doing so I saw new Ancestry hints pop up.  One of those hints was from a book called The Fisher genealogy: record of the descendants of Joshua, Anthony and Cornelius Fisher of Dedham, Mass., 1630-1640.  I immediately recognized the name Cornelius Fisher.  You all know we have those hundreds of names running around in our heads and it helps us when we are reviewing any document or book.

There on page 10 was Cornelius Fisher’s name AND all of Anthony Fisher’s children (I already had Anthony Fisher as the father of Cornelius Fisher, Sr) AND the name Daniel MORSE.

Why did Daniel Morse’s name pop out at me?  Because I know there is a Daniel Morse in my husband’s family line, back about the correct time and in the correct place. 

First though, I looked at this entire page to see if I’m right in my assumption that this is "my husband's" Fisher line.

(click on this image to enlarge it)

I find the following entry:

Children by first wife and born in England;

  • Anthony, m. Joanna Faxon, Sept. 7, 1674
  • Cornelius, m. 1st Leah Heaton and 2d Sarah Everett (this is an exact match to what I have in my tree)
  • Nathaniel, m. Esther Hunting, Dec. 26, 1649
  • Daniel, m. Abigail Marriot, Nov. 16, 1641
  • Lydia, m. Daniel Morse of Sherborn [Morses’s Sherborn, p. 178; Morse Memorial, p 20]
  • John, d. in Dedham, July 15, 1638

I quickly went into my office aka the Genie Cave and opened Legacy.  There she was Lydia Fisher married to Daniel Morse.  My entry had both of them dying in Sherborn, Massachusetts.  OK, this is good. 

Oh, look at that!  I have no parents listed for Lydia Fisher.  I hadn’t yet done enough research on her, to be able to add her parents.  Now I can link her to Anthony Fisher and Mary Buckingham as her parents and show her as a sister to Cornelius Fisher, Sr.

Since Anthony Fisher and Mary Buckingham are my husband’s direct line – 8th great grandparents I want to know more about them.  This Fisher book is going to tell me more.  It will be up to me to verify and find evidence for the entries in the book.  But, isn’t that the fun part?

I hope this post has motivated you to keep checking those hints on Ancestry or whatever site your using. 

Off I go to research.  I hope to be sharing more about the Fisher line in the near future.

I always enjoy hearing from others who are researching the same lines I am.  Please get in touch, if that applies to you.

Happy hunting,

Michigan Girl

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  1. Lydia Fisher and Daniel Morse are my 9th greatgrandparents, through their daughter Lydia Morse (1645-1722) who married Ephraim Wight. So Ron and I are about 10th cousins. Did you know that? There may be other common ancestors too since we both have this Medfield, Mass. area.

    1. Well, holy cow, Randy. Isn't that something? Now you have a connection to both me and Ron. Course with you and Ron, it's a bloodline and with you and me via a marriage. But still, what fun. I suspect there may well be others since everyone seemed to marry nearby families. I suppose you had already seen that Fisher book.


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