Saturday, April 11, 2020

SEPIA SATURDAY ~ Who are the people in these unknown photos? They were in my maternal grandmother’s photo collection

We all have pictures in our collections that we cannot identify.  I have found, over the years, that sometimes the identities are revealed as we gain more knowledge of the family and connect with more cousins.  Those new cousins may have knowledge that we don’t have.

I never throw away old photos for just that reason.

My maternal family on my grandfather’s side (Milne) are from Aberdeen, Scotland.  The fact that one of the photos is from an Aberdeen studio and another from a MILNE Aberdeen studio certainly leads me to believe these may be ancestor photos.  These photos were among those belonging to my grandmother, Florence Bowden who married Joseph A. Milne.  Joseph’s father Andrew Charles Milne was born in Aboyne, Aberdeen, Scotland in 1856 and immigrated to the U.S. through Canada in 1868.
Today I’d like to share some pictures that I haven’t been able to identify……yet.  Perhaps someone out there can shed some light on them?

Who is this lady?  The photo is from Milne studios in Aboyne, Aberdeen, Scotland - my Milne family is from Aberdeen and this photo was from the collection of a Milne descendant

Who is this man? - the photo is from an Aberdeen, Scotland studio - no markings on the back

Another photo found among my Milne group but I don't recognize this lady

There is some speculation that this is a photo of Edna Bowden (my grandmother's only sibling) - but I cannot say for sure

This young lady has some of the same facial features as other Milne or Bowden women in my family - but who is she?

I found this photo today while going through my grandmother's pictures - this lady looks very much like my grandmother, Florence Bowden Milne - but it is not her.  Could this be her sister Edna?

If anyone reading this can help identify these people, I’d love to hear from you.

Happy hunting,
Michigan Girl
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  1. I have a fair number of unknown photos, too, but don't give up hope. I've actually been able to identify some of the people with cousins bait. It works!

    1. I agree about the cousin bait. It has also worked for me and that’s why I don’t get rid of these pictures. You never know.
      Thanks for stopping by.


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