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ANCESTORS IN THE NEWS ~ Detroit PD - Sgt. William Hayes Confiscates Weapons - 1924

Detroit Free Press, 2 Jan 1924, page 5
I always enjoy newspaper articles featuring family members.  The newspapers of yesteryear were the social media hubs for our ancestors.  From wedding, birth and death announcements to social gatherings and out of town visits.  The newspapers covered many events.

This particular article is about the confiscation of weapons during the first hour of 1924, in Detroit, Michigan. Sgt. Hayes was married to my 1st cousin twice removed, Mabel Catherine Thorpe.

Here’s what it says:

Roundup of Suspicious Persons is Made New Year’s Morning
Twenty-on revolvers, a shot gun and 500 rounds of ammunition were seized by police of the first precinct during the first hour of 1924.  The firearms were taken in a general roundup of persons with suspicious bulges in their clothes at points where the bulges would not ordinarily indicate hip flasks or quart bottles.
The first prisoner to be taken in 1924 was Edison Green, 22 years old. When halted on Gratiot Avenue he was found to have a revolver up his sleeve, held in place by a rubber band.  He was charged with carrying concealed weapons.
The guns were confiscated by Lieutenant Charles Wiggle, and Sergeants William Hayes, George Ludwig and William Maloney.

I wondered what else was going on in Detroit on January 2, 1924.  The cost of the paper was 3 cents, the weather was cloudy and the top headline is about a Rich Oil Man being Shot.

Here’s the front page from that day. 
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