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WEDDING WEDNESDAY ~ DANIEL MORSE & LYDIA FISHER circa 1638–My husband’s 8th great granduncle & wife

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Marriage of Daniel Morse and Lydia Fisher circa 1638
It’s not always easy to document our ancestors births, marriages and deaths when we go back to the days of Colonial America.  Although not required by law, records were kept back then.  Especially marriages.  It was important to document a marital union as it affected the distribution of property and goods when someone died.
Today, I’m highlighting the marriage of Daniel Morse to Lydia Fisher in 1638 or 1642, depending on which record you use.
The first record I located was the U.S. International Marriage Records, 1560-1900

Name:    Daniel Morse
Gender:    Male
Birth Year:    1613
Spouse Name:    Lydia Fisher
Spouse Birth Year:    1623
Year:    1642
Marriage State:    MA
Number Pages:    1

To learn more about this source, please use this link: Information about the U.S. International Marriage Records and how they were collected

Another source for this marriage is Torrey’s New England Marriages prior to 1700.  This is a 3 volume set.  You can now view them online, but when I first began researching they were not available.  My husband purchased the 3 volume set for me, one year for Christmas.

Here is a page from the Torrey book, available on  In the hard copy of the three volume set, this record is in Volume II, page 1061.

Copy of MORSE_Daniel marriage to Lydia FISHER_1638_Dedham MA

Daniel & Lydia went on to have 9 known children.
Here is a list of their children as stated in North America, Family Histories, 1500-2000

MORSE_Daniel list of children

What was life like back in the era of 1638 to their deaths in about 1688/89?  We know it was difficult.  If our ancestors survived the trip over here from Europe, then they were in danger of many diseases or illnesses taking their lives.  Or, even death at the hands of American Indians, who owned this land to begin with, and were defending their territory.
 Colonial life

Daniel & Lydia lived to their 70’s.  They must have been hardy individuals.  If they were married around 1638, as records state, then they may have celebrated 50 years of marriage. An amazing accomplishment for any family and especially one back then.  It was more normal for our ancestors to have multiple spouses due to early deaths.

Wouldn’t I love to sit and talk to them.
There are many descendants out there.  If you are one of them, I’d love to hear from you.

Happy hunting,
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  1. Hello Diane, Daniel and Lydia were my 9th great grandparents. I’ve been doing genealogy for 20 years now and love the fact I’m always discovering new information. I was in the Air Force and while stationed in England I had the opportunity to visit Redgrave where he was born. My Morse line has so many historical connections to Colonial America that it allowed me to become a member of the Mayflower Society, Sons of the American Revolution and the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company. Hope to hear back from you.

    Mike Fischer

    1. Hello Mike. My apologies for the delay in responding. How very cool to meet you. My husband's line is so interesting and I’ve actually taken it back further than my own. My dream is to join the Mayflower Society, but, so far, no luck. I am a member of the DAR though. Have you taken a DNA test? My husband I have, as well as many of his and my cousins. I wonder if you’d show up as a match? Although, it may be too far back for DNA to pick up the connection. Please get back in touch if you want to exchange information. Maybe we can help one another?
      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Love your pictures! And your research looks solid. I've been at it for about 65 years and still going. Am descended from Samuel and Elizabeth Jasper Morse several times, most or all through the Bullard family, my gr-grandmother Anna Elizabeth Bullard of Wayland, MA. Unlike your ancestors, mine stayed put!

    1. Hi Mary - thanks so much for the comment about my research. I sure work hard to document and source what I am adding to my tree. So at some level you are related to my husband. 65 years!! WOW! I sure wish I'd have started back in my 20's when so many of my family were still alive. But, alas, I only began in my early 50's. However, I was always interested and did ask questions and obtain family photos.
      Thanks for stopping by.


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