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TOMBSTONE TUESDAY–Ebenezer & Eunice Clark––1848 & 1865

CLARK_Ebenezer died 1848 & Eunice_headstone_WashingtonSt Cemetery_KeeneNH

Ebenezer CLARK and his wife Eunice are buried at the Washington Cemetery in Keene, Cheshire, New Hampshire.  This is a wonderful old cemetery with several of my husband’s ancestors resting there.
We were fortunate to be able to visit Keene, New Hampshire back in 2007.  It was certainly a journey back in time.  Neither of us had ever been to the east coast.  The HALL family and other ancestors from my husband’s side were instrumental in the founding of Keene, New Hampshire.

Here I am standing next to the cemetery sign.

Washington Cemetery_Est 1795_Keene NH_sign

Ebenezer Clark is my husband’s 1st cousin, 5 times removed.  He is the son of Deacon Simeon CLARK and Betsey HALL.

Here is a pedigree chart for Ebenezer.
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Clark pedigree screenshot

I’ve never been able to locate a marriage record for Ebenezer and Eunice.  Ebenezer Clark is mentioned numerous times in the book A History of the Town of Keene by S. G. Griffin, M.A.  You can go to this website to read or browse this book http://keenepubliclibrary.org/library/griffin-history-of-keene
No mention of Eunice is made in the book.  The only record I have of Eunice being Ebenezer’s wife is the headstone.  I’m sure records do exist, I just haven’t located them yet.

You can visit their memorials at Memorial #22470849 and  Memorial #22470850

Note:  I notice that there is a maiden name of Chase on Eunice's memorial.  I had not been to the memorial in a long time and I will be following this lead to see if it is correct.  I wonder why, though, the same middle (maiden) name would be listed for Ebenezer.  Something is amiss.

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Here are a couple of websites you can visit for further information.

Keene, New Hampshire - Cemetery Inscriptions from Old Graveyards
The History of Keene's Cemeteries and Burying Grounds

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