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I have learned, thanks to my readers, that there have been changes on the FindAGrave site, regarding links to siblings.

Prior to this time you were only able to see links to parents and spouses, unless you used a special HTML code to add the siblings.

However, now when you have more than one child listed for a particular parent, the site automatically links to the other sibling or siblings, as well.

Here is the post from the FindAGrave site regarding this change:

“How do a person's siblings show up on their memorial page?
When an individual's memorial page is linked to one or more parent memorial pages, that individual's memorial will show up as a sibling on any other memorial pages that have been linked to one of the parents. The individual's name will show up on the sibling list of their own memorial to help show where the individual was in the birth order of the siblings. Memorials may only be linked to parents and spouses, and sibling links are automatically generated; there is no ability to add sibling links directly to a memorial page.”

When I went to my grandfather’s memorial today here is what I found.

FAG Milne

You can see the siblings are listed, and I know I didn't add them. And, what they have also done is place the current person you are viewing into the sibling list in the correct birth order.

I think this is a GREAT addition to the FindAGrave site!

Prior to this we had to add the siblings manually, using HTML code.  I wrote about this in a previous post which you can find here. ADDING SIBLINGS TO FINDAGRAVE

The only time we will need to use the HTML code is when we don’t know the parent’s names, or there is no memorial for them.  


Unfortunately, you will now have duplicate lists of siblings on your memorial.

Here is my grandmother’s memorial, showing two lists of siblings.

FAG - Marie

The red area is the list of siblings I added to her memorial.

The green area shows the list added by the FindAGrave site, automatically linking to the parents and therefore, linking to the siblings.


I will remove the list I created by going into the “edit bio” area and removing the HTML code I added.

Simply delete the code from the bio and the extra list of siblings will disappear.

Here is my grandmother’s memorial after I deleted the code.  You can see that there is only one list of siblings.

FAG - Marie one list of siblings

Changes like this one make the FindAGrave site even more useful to researchers and I thank them for adding this feature.

Happy hunting,

Michigan Girl

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  1. I had not noticed. Thanks for the information. Guess I will be looking more closely now.

  2. I have a difficult time with all the things that must be done. I don't understand the HTML stuff but I think I like what you are saying. There are ancestors on Find A Grave that I did not put on there but there are names that need to be added. I tried to tell someone that there was a correction that needed to be made and the lady got upset with me and just turned it over to me just because I had the correct information. I have no idea what to do now. The memorial is apparently in my name and I am stuck. I would love to know how to easily go into each ancestor and add names, to contact people about corrections when I have absolute proof, etc., but due to a head injury sometimes I just can't grasp how to do it by reading directions. Is there a webinar or something that can be watched and go step by step through this process? I will take anything at this point. Can you help me or direct me to where I need to go to learn all of this? Thank you and Love your blogs/newletters

    1. David and Patty,
      Thank you for visiting my blog and for the nice comment. As far as tutorials for FindAGrave. I had never been asked that question or tried to find any. But, once I read your question I decided to look into it. I went to YouTube and typed "how to post a memorial on findagrave" in the search portion for YouTube. I immediately got several responses for various tutorials that have been posted on the site. I didn't watch any of them, but would suggest that you could go to the site and see which of them would be the most helpful to you. I hope that will assist you.

  3. I just read your information on adding/deleting siblings on Find a Grave and it was very helpful. Find a Grave seems to be very user unfriendly. I have several family memorials that are "managed" by people who are now deceased and I am having a hell of a time trying to get them in my name. There is so much misinformation in many of my memorials that have been switched over to me. I appreciate the diligence of some people to add thousands of memorials, but the misinformation is a real challenge to correct. Your site really helped me! Brian

    1. I'm happy that my post was helpful to you. If the memorial manager is deceased you can contact FindAGrave administrators and they will usually transfer the memorial to you. However, they do have guidelines as to what your relationship must be in order for it to be transferred. I'm not sure how closely they stick to it.
      Thanks for your comment.


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