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CHURCH RECORD SUNDAY ~ Washington Episcopal Diocese of Spokane Church Records, 1870-1970 - The Thorp family

It’s been just one day short of a month since I last posted.  It was an eventful four weeks that had me concentrating on other things, besides my family history. 

We were recently able to get away and spend 10 days in Montana & Idaho.  We flew in and out of Washington and then to our destinations. 

Of course, as any devoted (some would say obsessed) genealogist, I couldn’t help but think of the ancestors that I had researched who had either moved to, or were from Washington, Idaho and Montana.

Today, I’ll share some church records from my THORP family.  This is my direct paternal line through my great grandmother Mae Eve Thorp (1862-1946) who married William Val Gould (1859-1924).

I thought I’d take a look at Thru Lines on Ancestry and see if anything new has popped up.  I was filtering “Potential Ancestors” when I came across a DNA match that is descended from my great grandmother, Mae’s uncle, Monson Thorp, Jr.

Naturally, one thing lead to another and two hours have now passed.  Oh those rabbit holes.  LOL!

I located the Washington Episcopal Diocese of Spokane Records for 1870-1970 In this collection I found 2 baptismal records on one page and a marriage record on another.

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Baptismal records for Munson/Monson & Perry Thorp(e) 5 Nov 1905

Monson Elvo Thorp and Perry Elvin Thorp were both baptized on 5 Nov 1905.  They are the two oldest children of Charles “Jay” Thorp & Clara C. Peterson.  You can see my post about the marriage of Charles & Clara here.

Monson was born 12 Mar 1900 in Spokane, Spokane Co., Washington.  Perry was born 29 Jun 1902 in Wallace, Shoshone, Idaho.  They are both my 2nd cousins twice removed. 

Monson married Carmen Marie Chase and he lived to be 82 years old.

Perry married Alice Eglatana Blodgett and lived until his 52nd year.

In searching this Episcopal Diocese record set for other Thorp’s I located the marriage record for Sidney E. Thorp to Virginia Dunn on 30 Jul 1949.  I did not have Sidney in my tree and learned he was the son of Perry & Alice, whom I mentioned above. 

Church record for marriage of Sidney E. Thorpe & Virginia Dunn - 30 Jul 1949
Once I'd located the church record for this marriage I was able to find the actual marriage certificate as well.  It's always good to have more than one source for every event.
State marriage certificate for Sidney E. Thorpe & Virginia M. Dunn

There is much more work to be done on these Thorp cousins.  How many children were born to each couple, if any?  What kind of work did the men and/or women do?  Did they stay in Washington state?  And so much more.

If you are descended from or connected to any of the ancestors mentioned here, I’d love to hear from you.  Let’s exchange information.

Happy hunting,

Michigan Girl

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  1. Diane, please let me know if you need any photos taken or have questions about Spokane records. Also, Spokane City Directories have been digitized and are available on the Internet Archive.

    1. You're the best! I love internet archive. I didn’t know they had city directories. I'll take a look for sure. Thanks. And I’ll keep you in mind for photos for sure.


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