Wednesday, December 18, 2019

MAYFLOWER SOCIETY ~ Episode 4–Exciting news! I’m ready to mail my application package


I’m very happy to be at the point of having put my package of proof/evidence together and being ready to mail it.

Long ago I set my goal to “someday” joining the Mayflower Society.  I had in mind which line might be the one.  However, I didn’t find that crucial piece of evidence I needed until June of this year.  I wrote about that BIG find here FINALLY! Proving the father of my 3rd great grandmother, Olive Doten Hart (1805-1887–WHAT DID I FIND?

Here we are 6 months later and I’m ready.
Included in my application package is evidence of my connection to passenger EDWARD DOTY.  The line of descent has been proven up to Generation 5, my 4th great grandfather, Isaac Doten, Sr. (1768-1852) and his wife Sally Nimblet (about 1766-1849).
My job was to provide evidence from Generation 6, my 3rd great grandparents down to me in generation 12.  THAT’S PROVING 7 GENERATIONS.

Piece by piece, generation by generation, I collected the documents.  Most of them were already saved on my computer and connection to each person in my Legacy program.

For the missing marriages of my 3rd great grandparents and my great grandparents, I needed to provide other evidence that showed they were a couple and that they produced children together.  Census records and birth and/or death records of their children, their own death certificates and obituaries helped to fill the gap of the missing marriage records.

As I wrote in a previous post, I was missing my own marriage certificate.  I went to our county office and got a copy of that.

Here are the generations from Edward Doty, Mayflower passenger to me.

Here is a picture of the 2” thick application package.

Here is a photo showing the seven generations for which I provided evidence, all separated and displayed.

And finally… is the envelope on the scale at the UPS office, ready to be sent out.  100 pages of evidence, 3 pounds, an original and one copy.  

I mailed the package Monday and it was received last night.  There is only one other application ahead of mine, for revue.  Once it is reviewed and the information entered on the “official” application form, it will be sent to another person for final approval.  I understand that process can take months.

So, unless I am contacted by them for more information or further evidence all I can do is wait.

I’ll let you know if my package was complete enough or whether I missed something.
I’m excited that the process has moved forward and hope I’m accepted into the society.

Are you a member of the Mayflower Society?  If so, from which passenger do you descend?  Maybe we are distant cousins?

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Happy hunting,
Michigan Girl

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  1. Keeping my fingers crossed that you didn't miss anything.

    1. Me too Cathy. Much as I went over the material time and again, you never know.

  2. Great job, Diane!! Why did you use "sticky"-type notes to summarize each stack of papers? Does GSMD prefer that? Each of those is a proof summary or proof statement based on evidence. The small notes seem limiting to me.

    1. Randy. I agree, but it's what I was told to do. Being like you, a thorough genealogist, I also provided a 3 page summary of evidence, generation by generation.

  3. My Wife and I both joined the Texas Mayflower Society in 2019. John Howland was my Ancestor. Isaac Allerton was my wife's. A very helpful Society Historian helped review and collate our evidence. Everything was done electronically via email except our final signature on the application. Like you I had most of the evidence for 1700 & early 1800 evidence already. I spent some time writing various small towns in Connecticut looking for more recent Marriage and Death records. Not everybody died in the same town they were buried in. I was disappointed that my original 1890 marriage invitation was not a valid document for the marriage of my G-Grandfather but did manage to find his Marriage license filed in Washington CT. It took 3 tries to receive our own long form marriage license from Ohio that listed our parents names. It seems Ohio would much rather give you a short form document that is proof the marriage took place but does not provide any family information. I figure joining the lineage society validates the research.

    1. How exciting that both you and your wife joined. I expect I will be getting inquiries from the reviewer. I'm missing two marriage records and tried to use other evidence, but we'll see if it flies.
      You're correct about joining the society validating our diligent research.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Congrats on getting that done--big job! This makes us 10th cousins (or more if there are other connections besides the DOTY ancestry.

    1. Thanks Dona. Well, that's pretty cool. I imagine there are several, if not many of us in SDGS that are cousins and don't know it.


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