Sunday, November 24, 2019

MAYFLOWER SOCIETY ~ Episode 3–Nearly ready to submit my application and attending the San Diego Mayflower Society Colony meeting with friends

I’ve been working hard to gather all the necessary vital records and other proof to take my application from generation 6 (Isaac Doten & Sally Follet) to generation 12 – me!

I’m doing pretty well, but I am missing some birth, marriage and death records.  The biggest surprise was that I don’t have a copy of the official county record of my own marriage.  What?  I have the record filled out by the Pastor and signed by our witnesses, but not the official record.  I’ll be picking that up this week at the San Diego County courthouse.

Most of the other records I’m missing I already knew I didn’t have.  That just means that I will have to provide other evidence of the connection of these family members to one another.  I should be able to do that.

In the meantime, I attended my 3rd Mayflower Society meeting.  My friend and fellow blogger, Debby Warner Anderson and friends Darlene Conner Sampley and Sally Inglis are already Mayflower Society members.  All of us sat at the same table at this meeting.  There were, I estimate, about 150 people who attended.  The meetings are held at the Green Dragon Tavern & Museum in Carlsbad, California.  That’s about an hour from where I live.
This meeting included a lot of members dressed in period clothing, including my friend, Debby.  What fun it is to see the men and women dressed as the early Pilgrim ancestors might have dressed back in 1620.

Here is a group photo taken just after the meeting.

There was society business conducted, then we had a delicious lunch (the food at this restaurant is always very good) and then we listened to Caleb Johnson’s presentation about recent discoveries involving the English origins of Mayflower passengers.  It was a very informative presentation.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us Caleb.

At the end of the meeting I was able to chat with one of the members and get some confirmation on questions I had about completing my application.

My goal is to be admitted to the Society during the year 2020 which is the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower arrival.  I also hope to be able to wear a period costume at the meeting next November.

Here are some other photos from our fun day.

Left to right - Me and Debby, a shot of how full the room was, Kathy (who made Debby's costume) and Debby

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Happy hunting,
Michigan Girl
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  1. Yesterday's meeting was very interesting, and it was a pleasure sitting with you and Debby. I have to get myself some period attire made as well. Maybe we'll both be decked out for the next Compact Day Meeting.

    1. It was fun, wasn’t it? Let’s both dress next year.

  2. What a great time we had! I hope you will be able to complete your application very soon Diane.

    1. Thanks Deb. And thanks for inviting me as your guest at the meetings.


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