Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lots of new Lindsay information

That's a picture of Bessie Lindsay and an article about Richard "Dick" Lindsay.

Gosh, it's been several days since I've posted. The reason is because I've been so darn busy gathering information from my newly found 3rd cousin. Well, maybe also because the internet has been up and down due to the incredible storm that swept thru here for several days. But...........where was I? Oh yeah, the Lindsay's. This new 3rd cousin, I'll call her May for privacy purposes, has provided pictures, vital records and newspaper articles galore. In exchanging photos I was able to identify the two unknowns sitting at a table with our Great GrandUncle Dick Lindsay, as my grandfather and grandmother. How cool is that? And, when she sent me all those newspaper articles about Great Granduncle Dick Lindsay (he was prominent in Detroit politics for many years) there just happened to be an obituary for his brother, William W. Lindsay. Well, William W. Lindsay is my Great Grandfather and I had not located his obituary. It's been just great connecting with May because she is as passionate about genealogy as I am and she also happens to be very nice and fun to talk to.
That's one of the unexpected joys I've found in my 5+ year journey in locating ancestors and descendants. I have connected with many cousins on all sides of the family and every one of them is a treasure. Some I've become quite close to.
So then today I was in here working and began digging around my information on Bessie Lindsay. She was married twice. The first time was not a happy marriage and according to her granddaughters she didn't talk much about it. I've been trying to locate a marriage record to that first husband and guess what? I FOUND IT! Where? In the Ontario Marriage Records on This is the 3rd or 4th time I have found a marriage record in the Ontario records. Seems it was pretty easy to drive over the bridge from Detroit to Windsor and get hitched. Why go out of country? In one case it seemed that there was an "early" pregnancy. This find today is also a bit suspicious as far as dates and could be for the same reason. In finding this record I've gotten the names of the first husband's parents, and the religion as stated by the bride and groom. I am sure this is the right couple because the parents names for the bride match what I have and one of the witnesses is the bride's sister - also a match for what I have.
I've gone on too long already. Never quit looking. While you may not locate something today you never know what you'll find next week, next month or next year. Keep good records on what and where you search, but never hesitate to go back to a place you searched before and search again. New records are being added all the time.

I better get back to "work."
Michigan Girl

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